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About Agora

Greek Agora, in Athens

The ancient Greek agora in Athens

Roman Agora, in Athens

The ancient Roman agora in Athens

The Agora, an online publication of Lynchburg College and specializing in responses to the great books of the world, has become a national journal of undergraduate academic writing. Aiming to integrate classical ideas and issues with contemporary ones, the Agora takes its title from the marketplace at the heart of classical Athens, where much of Athenian public life was carried on: mercantile exchange, performance, political debate, athletic contests, and the public worship of deities, all took place within the hustle and bustle of the Athenian agora. Similarly, the journal seeks to be a marketplace for important ideas and issues.

The Agora editor invites students from colleges and universities who are members of the Association of Core Texts and Courses (ACTC) to submit their work for consideration. Lynchburg College students in the LCSR program are encouraged to submit their papers. The journal is competitive, with no more than fifteen articles published annually, including one essay in each issue featuring a piece of faculty writing that focuses on pedagogy.

Brandon Gannicott, who graduated from Lynchburg College in May 2013, won the Kendall North Award for the best essay in the 2013 Agora with his essay entitled "The Nature of God: A Comparative Analysis of Young Goodman Brown and 'The Tyger.'"

Leah Bigl, who graduated from Lynchburg College in May 2013, won the Peggy S. Pittas Lynchburg College Symposium Readings Award for the best essay dealing with a social problem in the 2013 Agora. Leah's essay is entitled "The Value in Emphasizing Critical Thinking."