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2010 Issue

Roman Agora, AthensNumber 19, Spring 2010

Editorial Committee

Ms. Lyndall Nairn, Chair
Dr. Scott Amos
Dr. Will Briggs
Dr. Annette Evans
Ms. Nicole Smith
Ms. Ashley Ferry, Student Representative

The Agora annually presents writings by Lynchburg College students and faculty and includes essays written by students from other institutions that are members of the Association of Core Texts and Courses (ACTC). Lynchburg College contributors participate in the Lynchburg College Symposium Readings (LCSR) program, which integrates ideas from classical selections with contemporary ideas and issues. LCSR classes encourage students to think deeply about current issues and to become sensitive to the interdisciplinary influence of classical ideas. Contributors from other ACTC colleges and universities participate in similar "great books" programs.

Table of Contents

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Editorial: In This Issue...

Lyndall Nairn

What Is Justice? An Investigation of Leo Strauss's Natural Right Proposition

Laura Marino Rugeles

Wordsworth: Naturalness as Aesthetic

Taelor Skinner

Natural Instinct

Tess Evans

Incentives and Success

Ben Calvert

A Performer's Argument against the Hierarchy of Musicians Set Forth by Boethius in De institutione musica

Julia Kittel

Photography's Influence on Painting

Jill Markwood



Personal Responses Written in Senior Symposium

Sexual Selection in Modern Times

Allison Sypher

Truth Decay: The Media and the Pursuit of Truth

Caitlin Flathers

Fake Photos in the News

Tim Willis

Biographical Sketches of the Agora Writers



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