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2006 Issue

Table of Contents

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Editorial: In This Issue... Lyndall Nairn
Heroism or Delusion: The Ambiguities of Opting for Death in Iphigenia in Aulis Richard Burke
Exploring Homoeroticism in Herman Melville’s Novella Billy Budd, Sailor Dana Sliva
The Secret of Life Rachel Moore
Searching for the Middle Ground: Finding Balance in Literary Extremes Leslie Harris
Einstein’s “Science and Religion”: How the Ideas Presented Are Evident in Genesis and Australian Aboriginal Legends of the Dreamtime Mary Mohay
Feminism in My Ántonia Elizabeth Giglio
Girl Power! Rosalind Eberhart
Communist or Anti-Imperialist? The Personal Politics of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Lydia Nilsen
The Political Influence of Countries on their Citizens Jackie Fox
Gender Relationships in Latin America: Mario Vargas Llosa’s Death in the Andes Derrick Van Leer
Distorted Realities: Existentialism in the Works of Salvador Dali Grace Rochfort
Women in the Sciences Bridgette Polite
A History of the Untouchables: The Buraku and the Dalit Katelyn Coyle

Personal Responses Written in Senior Symposium

Education Systems: Classical vs. Jeffersonian Jennifer Bolt
The Freemasonry of Race: Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. DuBois on Education and Black Cultural Consciousness Beverly Brown
Oppression in Antigone and Africa Rebecca McGowan
Flash and Smoke: The Importance of Spectacle and Music in Theatre Leigh Mackintosh
Nature as a Theme in China Gail Silveira

Biographical Sketches of the Agora Writers